FREE HR Benefit Admin Platform – Giving Back

Did you know we give our business clients an HR Benefit Admin/Enrollment platform for FREE? No cost. Zippo – none!  How DOES an insurance agency give back to the community?  This is one of the ways – by providing free technology tools to put an end to the paper chase and allow companies to administer all things HR from one convenient, organized location.

Employee benefits can be complicated, but enrollment doesn’t have to be.  Our platform guides employees through the hiring process and benefits enrollment process, which makes picking a benefit plan more like online shopping.

Got a new hire?  How do you handle that now?  Do you hand them a thick stack of paperwork that they have to fill out, repeatedly filling in the same information and signing form after form?  Our system is easy.  The employee logs in, types in their name, address, etc. ONCE and then electronically signs.  BOOM SHOCKA LOCKA – done!  Even better is when the employee clicks submit…all interested parties are emailed a copy of the completed paperwork and benefit elections.  Imagine if your HR dept, payroll dept. and benefits broker all were simultaneously emailed the same information?  No need to imagine – we offer this platform as our way of giving back!

Imagine this scenario:  You own a roofing company.  It is constantly a point of frustration trying to track down your crew for their open enrollment benefit elections, or their signature on the latest safety protocol you want to follow.  And let’s not even begin to discuss how difficult it is to read their handwriting when you finally do get back some paperwork.  What if each roofer could just log into a website where you could track who has, and who has not, completed their forms?  It’s here, waiting for you to use through your partnership with ANI.

Need to terminate that one roofer who would rather play in their garden over showing up for work?  No problem.  With our HR Benefit Admin system, all you have to do is log in, click their name, type in their last date of hire and BOOM – all departments are sent an email to terminate the employee.

We know every business uses technology differently.  Whether your employees are office-based or out on the job, our HR software solution is easy to use, no matter where you are, or what kind of work you do. Complete onboarding documents, view benefit elections, review & sign notices, and more.

Put an end to the paper chase.  A single all-in-one HR software solution means everything works together like it should – that’s better for business and better for your employees!